This article investigates the results of work done in University of California and University of Georgia that studied the use of soil sensors and impact on costs and revenue in a test farm. They observed a 21% increase in profitability by using soil sensors to manage irrigation schedules in high value crops; as well as improved crop health.

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Why We Stopped Using Wifi

When developing and designing ConnectedCrops, we looked very closely at Wi-Fi-based weather stations, and ultimately decided that it wasn’t a practical solution for most growers.  In the long run, WiFi was both more expensive, when all costs are considered, and more difficult to maintain.  This article provides a behind-the-scenes look into our product development process […]

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Critical lethal temperatures and growth stages for grape growers

As we enter into the bud break development period please refer to the following table for critical lethal temperatures and growth stages as vines are now reaching these developmental stages across the Ontario.  This table provides guidelines for cold protection measures for grapes during this critical stage. For optimal use of wind machines, it is […]

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4 ways in-field sensors can increase profits

Can the latest technology increase profit? The latest cellular weather stations provides real-time soil information and weather information directly to your phone; but how can you use this information to make more money? This article summarizes findings from University of California researchand Colorado State University research. Learn more about how you can apply these techniques yourself.

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Moisture and Heat Stress – Silent Yield Robbers

Detecting moisture and heat stress are important steps to any effective irrigation management system. In the process of scouting your crops, you or the person doing it needs to understand some of the basics that exist with field moisture stresses and to be sure not to confuse them with heat stress. Plant Stress in General: […]

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Irrigation Solution

Dual Level Irrigation Measurement

The Advanced Irrigation Solution allows growers to measure soil moisture levels at two different depths, fully verifying the effectiveness of your irrigation schedule. This kind of real-time data empowers you to change irrigation timing and rates according to soil texture, crop uptake, irrigation rates, and other factors. All of this data is easily managed through the ConnectedCrops Mobile App, saving you money, and maximizing crop response.

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