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ConnectedCrops Weather Stations for real-time soil and air temperature data with frost condition alerts directly from the farm to the smartphone. Recommended by vineyards, fruits and berry growers. 


Pillitteri Estates Winery - Jamie Slingerland

"Because the ConnectedCrops solution works wirelessly and is battery powered with solar back-up, we can move these Weather Stations from one field to another whenever we want without the need for electricity, phone lines or extended cables. "

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Agronomist - John Deibel

"I’ve been involved in Agriculture, specializing in Agronomy and Crop Production, for 30+ years. Over that time, I’ve worked across many sectors of the industry..."

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“The Future of Agriculture? Smart Farming – One way to address these issues and increase the quality and quantity of agricultural production is using sensing technology to make farms more intelligent and more connected through so called “precision agriculture, also known as “smart farming”…” Forbes


Advanced Technology For Growers To Optimize Soil & Weather Management

Irrigation Solution

Dual Level Irrigation Measurement

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The Advanced Irrigation Solution allows growers to measure soil moisture levels at two different depths, fully verifying the effectiveness of your irrigation schedule. This kind of real-time data empowers you to change irrigation timing and rates according to soil texture, crop uptake, irrigation rates, and other factors. All of this data is easily managed through the ConnectedCrops Mobile App, saving you money, and maximizing crop response.

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Measurement Solution

Advanced Temperature Measurement

The Inversion Measurement Solution with dual high-precision temperature sensor technology allows growers to measure air temperature at two different heights (fruiting zone/ top of canopy) to address frost protection and temperature inversion in the field.  This allows you to see changes at each height and evaluate inversion, radiation-cooling, canopy temperature and other factors. This data can be critical to risk aversion when using wind machines or other means of protecting the crops.

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Sensor Solution

Temperature & Irrigation

The Standard Sensor Solution allows growers to obtain both temperature and soil moisture data in real-time. This vital information is transmitted wirelessly (cellular) and data analysis is available right on your smartphone, allowing instantaneous decision-making in response to field measurements using the ConnectedCrops Mobile App.

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Asad Jobanputra, Director IoT Solutions speaks about “Precision agriculture technology that provides farmers with better information to increase yields”.