About us

ConnectedCrops is the result of our work with agriculture specialists for years. We wanted to help the average farmer access technology that increase yields in a meaningful way. Advanced technology done by research institutes and government studies is often too expensive and not practical enough to guide day-to-day decisions.

We started listening to growers, and learning about what information they really need that will make a difference. Esprida wanted to apply this expertise to the Agricultural Industry because we see real pressure on growers who need to produce 50% more food from 12% more land by 2030.

We’ve developed IoT sensors, mobile apps and analytics engines to help growers better manage their crops and irrigation systems. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time working directly with Growers, Industry, Ag Researchers from Brock University, and the Ontario Ministry of Farming and Rural Affairs to provide practical, but highly accurate precision agricultural solutions.

Esprida is in the business of 'connecting' IoT devices and is continually focused on building IoT Solutions. Our customers tell us our people are extraordinary and our technology exceptional.


Fred Kauzlaric

Kauzlaric Farms

After 5 years of struggling with “guessing” and manual moisture measurements, we chose to act on our concern over soil moisture and implemented ConnectedCrops.