ConnectedCropsTM advanced wireless technology empowers the grower to head off these potental problems,and make timely management decisions that maximize their return on investment. The Weather Station gathers key weather and soil moisture data from in-field locations and transmits it in real time to your handheld smartphone, as well as to the ConnectedCrops Mobile  App loaded right on your device

Having the power of this information takes much of the ‘guesswork’ out of so many decisions at the field level. Temperature Inversion, Soil Moisture Levels, Frost Prevention, Irrigation Scheduling, Growing Degree Day Data, and more can all be managed and manipulated so as to maximize the returns from your irrigation scheduling, frost prevention equipment, integrated pest management monitoring, and timeliness of field operations.



Weather Station

ConnectedCrops Mobile App

Advanced Technology For Growers To Optimize Soil & Weather Management!


Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor is your best tool to measure soil water content at multiple depths. Water and nutrients are used most efficiently when an irrigation event applies only the amount of water the crop needs and the soil can hold. When you utilize these sensors at different depths, you can be much more precise with duration and amount of irrigation water to apply. To know the saturation rate at the surface and at depths through the soil horizon, you can more accurately evaluate percolation rates, runoff potential, and other factors. Every soil is different based on so many factors...this tool takes the guesswork out of irrigation scheduling by providing accurate measurement in all soil texture combinations from clay to sand.

Accuracy: +/- 3%

High Precision Temperature Sensor

High Precision Temperature Sensor provides a precise measurement of air temperature and can be positioned at relative vertical positions so as to provide actionable data to evaluate temperature inversions, frost aversion thresholds, potential heat stress, and other critical decisions.

Precision: 0.002C

Accuracy: +/- 0.5C

Weather Station

Weather Station gathers and transmits vital sensor data in real-time to the ConnectedCrops Mobile App. This wireless connection with the ConnectedCrops Mobile App enables you to access sensor readings right on your hand held smartphone. Each Weather Station can be used with 2 sensors. This provides the grower the ability to adjust where to position their sensors so as to have the information they need based on crop, soil, elevation, canopy and other factors.

10 Minute Install

No Cables! The Weather Station is completely wire-free, giving you the ability to install at any field location without the need to run power or other cables to each site. All communications occur over cellular radio so you don't have to configure routers or computers for each site. The Weather Station is powered via a solar panel.

Accuracy: +/- 3%

ConnectedCrops Mobile App

ConnectedCrops Mobile App is a powerful mobile application that runs on any smartphone or tablet. Through it, Growers can get real-time updates from the ConnectedCrops Weather Station, which in turn is connected to the Soil-Moisture and High-Precision Temperature Sensors installed in the field. Growers can then utilize the software installed and tailored to their farm to make pro-active decisions which directly translate to increased yields and quality, averted crop loss and responding to crop-specific stress factors.


This view is your eye on your farm's stations wherever you are. You can
view your stations, get readings
from you sensors, get analytics
and alerts that suit your specific needs


This view provides the history of a sensor's readings, in a list or
chart format


This view helps you compare sensors and readings on the same Weather Station or between
different Weather Stations


Advanced Technology For Growers To Optimize Soil & Weather Management

best seller FOR Irrigation

Standard Sensor Solution

Temperature & Irrigation

The Standard Sensor Solution allows growers to obtain both temperature and soil moisture data in real-time. This vital information is transmitted wirelessly (cellular) and data analysis is available right on your smartphone, allowing instantaneous decision-making in response to field measurements using the ConnectedCrops Mobile App.


1-Soil-Moisture Sensor

1-High Precision Temperature Sensor

1-Weather Station

1-ConnectedCrops Mobile App

1 Year Subscription

Inversion Measurement Solution

Advanced Temperature Measurement

The Inversion Measurement Solution with dual high-precision temperature sensor technology allows growers to measure air temperature at two different heights (fruiting zone/ top of canopy) to address frost protection and temperature inversion in the field.  This allows you to see changes at each height and evaluate inversion, radiation-cooling, canopy temperature and other factors. This data can be critical to risk aversion when using wind machines or other means of protecting the crops.


2-High Precision Temperature Sensors

1-Weather Station

1-ConnectedCrops Mobile

1 Year Subscription

Advanced Irrigation Solution

Dual Level Irrigation Measurement

The Advanced Irrigation Solution allows growers to measure soil moisture levels at two different depths, fully verifying the effectiveness of your irrigation schedule. This kind of real-time data empowers you to change irrigation timing and rates according to soil texture, crop uptake, irrigation rates, and other factors. All of this data is easily managed through the ConnectedCrops Mobile App, saving you money, and maximizing crop response.


2-Soil-Moisture Sensors

1-Weather Station

1-ConnectedCrops Mobile

1 Year Subscription

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