How to manage farm data like a pro


30 May 2018

The latest version of ConnectedCrops provides the ability to change sensors throughout the year and use them in different locations.  This is really useful when you want to measure temperature inversion in the winter, and for temperature differences inside/outside a canopy in the spring – however, this causes problems when comparing data across multiple seasons.  Luckily, ConnectedCrops archive/restore features help you manage and organize your data.

Scenarios when you need to carefully manage your data

You need carefully managing your datasets when you are:

  • Swapping Sensors
    You can use a temperature sensor in winter and soil moisture sensor in the summer.
  • Changing what you’re measuring
    You can change a temperature sensor from measuring soil temperature to air temperature or water temperature, or
  • Installing sensors in new locations
    You can use the sensors at different sites to compare how water or temperature differs in different fields or different heights.

When changing the sensors on a station, you have to configure the mobile app to make sure you receive the data correctly and manage the pre-existing sensor data from the previous site. The mobile app has a configure station which allows you to change the sensor name, type, and port. Whenever you make a change, the app will show a prompt to allow you to control historical data. You will have the option to (a) append new readings to current data, (b) archive the previous data separately or (c) delete previous data.

ConnectedCrops Mobile App Steps:

  1. Login using the latest CCMobile app.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Configure Station> and choose the station you’re changing
  3. Select Sensors Setup>.
  4. Select Port A or Port B based on the sensor you are changing.
  5. Select the Sensor Type, and enter a useful name based on the site or height of the sensor.
  6. Click Save.
  7. The app will prompt you to archive the data from the previous sensor which means to save it separately.

Please Note: Once you do archive previous data, you can view it using the “Email Excel Report”. You can get to the Excel report by navigating to Home> click on the menu icon (…) next to the station name, then select “Email Excel Report”>.

Pro-tip: If you use the same soil moisture sensor in different irrigation zones, say ‘north field’, ‘west field’, you can keep the data separate and continuous over the irrigation season and across many years.

When you have previously archived data from ‘west field’, the app will check will ask you if you would like to restore ‘west field archive’, which means new data will be appended to the data from last season.

If you ever have any questions, please reach out to us.